FileCOPA FTP Server

FileCOPA FTP Server Version 8.01 Free trial

Get a reliable file server to host your files and access them whenever you want to

Dependable file servers for Windows operating system are hard to come by and FileCOPA FTP Server is obviously one such program that is highly sought for its flexibility in hosting files of varying sizes and giving users a secure way to access them. Being PCI compliant FTP server, this program supports all the latest security protocols to ensure data integrity at all times. The user interface has an intuitive control panel which displays all the important information such as the number of users online and who are online. It is also possible to monitor their activities while they are online. Almost all kinds of businesses will benefit from FileCOPA FTP Server because of its easy scalability and flexibility that it offers. Any number of users can be configured to gain access to the program and it will handle unlimited number of requests without suffering from any lags or performance issues. Moreover, the program also comes with the essential feature of IP address blocking so that you can block users who are trying to access from unknown IP addresses. There is also support for Mode Z which allows users to upload and download compressed files. There is a fully functional HTTP server within the program that has the ability to run an entire website on its own. Monitoring the number of files that has been uploaded and downloaded into the system is easy with the statistics section keeping track of all such details.
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